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Swim Team Volunteers

Parent Volunteer Job Descriptions


All SS&T Swim Team families are expected to complete TWO volunteer jobs during the season and ONE additional job at Champs.

Following are detailed descriptions of each position needed on deck during a swim meet. A SignUp Genius will be sent out at the beginning of the season to sign up for these volunteer jobs. If you are not able to work your volunteer job, please try to find a substitute or switch jobs with someone. Also, please email the Swim Director  ( for recording purposes.

Experience Required.

Runs meets; starts swimmers in each event. Makes general announcements prior to meet starting. Announces each event (event #, gender, age group, stroke, and distance) and subsequent heat numbers. Starts each heat with a strong voice and consistent and predictable cadence. Ensures fair starts; calls false starts. Continually verifies that others on the pool deck (coaches, timers, runners, bullpen, stroke & turn judges) are "in sync" so the meet runs smoothly. Communicates with coaches and pool deck leaders if there are activities that are slowing the pace of the meet. Starts the meet as close to ON TIME as possible, and keeps the pace of the meet moving right along.

Experience Required.

Run and score the meet. Print heat sheets and ribbon stickers.

Stroke & Turn Judge
Must be USS or League Certified (please inquire if interested).

Judges legality of swimmers’ individual strokes and turns. When necessary, disqualifies swimmers in a calm, teaching manner. Judges relay starts.

Picks up time sheets from timers in each lane and hands to scorer at the scoring table after each event page is completed. Runners may have to move quickly in order to keep the swim meet moving efficiently.

Responsible for placing swimmers in correct order, based on heat and lane number. Lines up and organizes swimmers so that they are behind the blocks in time for their races. (Final responsibility to get to block on time is the swimmer’s responsibility.) Parents running the Bullpen are asked not to coach their children while they are in the Bullpen.

Report to head timer on pool deck 15 minutes before meet starts to be issued a stop watch, pencil, and clipboard. You will be assigned lanes at this time. Responsibility is to time swimmers in each event that are assigned to your lane. Report to assigned lane five minutes prior to start of meet. On the “go” light signal, start watch. When the swimmer touches the wall at the finish, stop watch and record time on the timing sheet. Ask swimmer coming out of the water their name and verify it with the name on the sheet. Hand sheets to runner. Head Timer runs a back-up watch for each event in case there are any mechanical difficulties with a timer’s watch. Timers will signal to head timer for back up by raising their hand.

After the events are scored, labels are printed out for all swimmers (except those who have been disqualified). These labels will be available the day after the meet. When they are ready, ribbon volunteers will place the labels on the back of the correct ribbons and file in the swim team ribbon box under each families’ last names. Ribbon volunteers are also responsible for getting the away teams' ribbons to the away team.

Concession Stand
Volunteers are responsible for setting up the Concession Stand, selling the concessions during the meet, and clean up when meet is finished.

BJ's Shopper
Responsible for shopping for the Concession Stand before the meet. If you do not have a BJ's card, one can be provided. Shopper can also pick up club credit card or be reimbursed. A list of suggested items will be provided.

Clean Up
This is not an official volunteer job, but we do appreciate parent help after the meet to clean up around the pool. All items left behind are put in the Lost & Found.